Dear SeqAn users, supporters, and subscribers,

We have just released a new Version of our C++ command line parsing lib: Sharg 1.1.0 Check it out on GitHub:

It includes a few major bug fixes and Gitpod and CWL support! Best update your apps now.


  • We support Gitpod. Click here to try it out.
  • CWL support (Common Workflow Language): An app using Sharg can now automatically export a CWL tool description file via --export-help cwl #94.

Bug fixes

  • When using subcommand parsers, e.g., git push, typing git puhs -h will raise an exception that the user misspelled the subcommand instead of printing the help page of git (#172).
  • Fixed an issue that caused the validation of a directory via the sharg::output_file_validator to delete the directory’s contents (#175).
  • Segmentation fault when using sharg::value_list_validator in conjunction with a std::filesystem::path option (#179).

Dependency updates

  • We now use Doxygen version 1.9.5 to build our documentation (#145).
  • We require at least CMake 3.16 for our test suite. Note that the minimum requirement for using Sharg is unchanged (#135).