What is SeqAn?

SeqAn is an open source C++ library of efficient algorithms and data structures for the analysis of sequences with the focus on biological data. Our library applies a unique generic design that guarantees high performance, generality, extensibility, and integration with other libraries. SeqAn is easy to use and simplifies the development of new software tools with a minimal loss of performance.

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Quick Facts

  • Programming Language: C++98
  • License: BSD/3-clause
  • Supported Platforms:
    • Windows: Visual C++ 10, 11 and 12
    • Linux: GNU/g++ (4.7+), LLVM/Clang (3.3+)
    • Mac OS X: GNU/g++ (4.7+), LLVM/Clang (3.3+)


If you publish software that uses SeqAn, please do not forget to cite:

  • Andreas Döring, David Weese, Tobias Rausch and Knut Reinert. SeqAn an efficient, generic C++ library for sequence analysis. BMC Bioinformatics, 9:11, 2008.
  • And if you use one of our applications, please cite the respective publication, as well.

    Last Update 27. April 2015