SeqAn is an open source C++ library of efficient algorithms and data structures for the analysis of sequences with the focus on biological data. Our library applies a unique generic design that guarantees high performance, generality, extensibility, and integration with other libraries. SeqAn is easy to use and simplifies the development of new software tools with a minimal loss of performance.

Center for Integrative Bioinformatics

SeqAn is partner of the Center for Integrative Bioinformatics (CIBI) in the de.NBI network and offers services for analysing sequencing data. Our services include the development and maintenance of the SeqAn library, its associated applications and the build and test infrastructure of them, as well as, training and education by organising regular developer and user meetings and providing online training materials.

Learn more about the CIBI center and its portfolio to find the best solution for your data and your type of project.


Programming Language:



3-clause-BSD[Free and Open Source]

UNIX Support:

(Linux, macOS & BSD)
· GCC ≥ 4.9
· Clang/LLVM ≥ 3.5
· ICC ≥ 16.0.2

Windows Support:

· Visual C++ ≥ 14 (Visual Studio 2015)
· ICC ≥ 16.0.2 (Visual Studio 2015u2)
· Clang/C2 ≥ 3.8.0 (Visual Studio 2015u2)

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SeqAn 3.0.2 released

Dear SeqAn users, supporters, and subscribers, today we …

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If you publish software that uses SeqAn, please do not forget to cite:
K. Reinert, T. H. Dadi, M. Ehrhardt, H. Hauswedell, S. Mehringer, R. Rahn, J. Kim, C. Pockrandt, J. Winkler, E. Siragusa, G. Urgese, and D. Weese. The seqan c++ template library for efficient sequence analysis: a resource for programmers. Journal of biotechnology, vol. 261, pp. 157-168, 2017.