The Intel® PCC program supports universities, institutions, and labs identified as leaders in their fields. It focuses on modernizing applications or software libraries to increase performance on modern microprocessors and coprocessors using parallel computing. Parallel computing involves the simultaneous operation of multiple processors running elements of a computer program at the same time and is [...]

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SeqAn in de.NBI


Das Bundeministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) fördert ab März für fünf Jahre das Deutsche Netzwerk für Bioinformatik Infrastruktur (de.NBI). Eines der acht Leistungszentren in diesem Netzwerk – das Zentrum für Integrative Bioinformatik (CIBi) – wird dabei für die nächsten fünf Jahre mit zwei Millionen Euro gefördert. CIBi ist ein gemeinsames Zentrum der Universitäten Tübingen [...]

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SeqAn 2.0 released


We are happy to announce the new release of SeqAn 2.0.0. We have many new features and applications for you and improved many parts in sense of usability, performance and stability. For example, we have improved the usability and the performance of the I/O-modules. Now BAM-I/O supports parallel read and write operations. We improved automatic [...]

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