Jonathan Göke, Marcel H. Schulz, Julia Lasserre, Martin Vingron


ALF can be used to calculate the pairwise similarity of sequences using alignment-free methods. All methods which are implemented are based on k-mer counts. More details can be found in the online documentation of the alignment-free methods ( By default, ALF uses the N2 similarity measure.

ALF Binaries

The code was successfully tested on Linux (32 and 64). Please take a look at the README file for usage instructions.

Version History

2012-01-05: v1.0.1

Releasing ALF using SeqAn's new automatic build system.

2012-01-05: v1.0.0

First release of ALF Version 1.0



For questions, comments, or suggestions please contact Jonathan Göke.

Last Update 25. April 2013