Sven BÖnigk


Sven obtained M.Sc in Bioinformatics from Freie Universität Berlin. Currently he is working as a student assistant, while pursuing my Ph.D. with a focus on approximate string matching and applying it for read mapping.

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Mitra Darvish


Mitra Darvish is a PhD student at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Genetics and works on finding cancer motifs in large NGS data sets using probabilistic data structures and compression strategies. She obtained her Bachelor of Science and her Master of Science in Bioinformatics from the Freie Universität Berlin, but she also spent parts [...]

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Lydia Buntrock


Lydia is working on algorithms to find and classify structural variations of DNA. Funded by the BMBF, she is doing her PhD at the Free University of Berlin. She is curious about mathematics and its connection to nature. Website:

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Jörg Winkler


Jörg Winkler works on algorithms for finding RNA sequence-structure motifs. As a Ph.D. candidate at the IMPRS-CBSC he is connected with Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics as well as Freie Universität Berlin. He holds a M.Sc. degree in Bioinformatics from University of Hamburg and he is generally interested in nature and sustainability.

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Jongkyu Kim


Jongkyu Kim is a Ph.D. student at International Max Planck Research School for Computational Biology and Scientific Computing (IMPRS-CBSC). His main interests are efficient algorithms for biomedical data analysis using high-performance computing. He was a software engineer at Samsung Electronics where he contributed to GPU-based computer vision systems for semiconductor inspection. He got M.S. from [...]

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