Christopher Pockrandt


Christopher Pockrandt holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. degress in Computer Science from Freie Universität Berlin. He spent part of his studies at the National University of Singapore and the National Taiwan University. As an IMPRS student of the Max Planck Institute of Molecular  Genetics he is currently doing his Ph.D. in bioinformatics focussing on string indices [...]

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Temesgen Dadi


Temesgen H. Dadi works in Comparative metagenomics of microbial communities using machine learning methods. He graduated from Arba Minch University, Ethiopia in Computer Science and IT (B.Sc.) and received his Masters degree from University of Trento, Italy in Bioinformatics. Currently he woks in the InfectControl 2020 project with partners from the VetMed department.

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