SeqAn’s repository is migrating to GitHub

20. November 2013

The SeqAn team is migrating SeqAn's repository to GitHub (SeqAn's repository on GitHub). For the last months, we have already mirrored the Subversion trunk to the master branch at GitHub and worked on some larger changes there on the branch "develop". Git allowed us to maintain multiple branches much easier than Subversion.

We have now decided that it is easier to continue development on GitHub. Thus, instead of copying over the changes from our Subversion trunk to GitHub, we will now copy over the changes in the GitHub master to the Subversion trunk.

One more thing: Everything else remains the same, i.e. still hosts our packages, remains our wiki, contains the Tutorial, is still there for our documentation.
What does this mean for you?

SeqAn SVN Users

You just use SeqAn in your projects and get the latest version from SeqAn's trunk? No problem, we will continue pushing the changes from the stable Git master to SeqAn's trunk. The SeqAn SVN URL stays the same. You even have the added benefit that the new trunk will be more stable since the development will happen in different branches on GitHub. Yay!

Did you know that you can also checkout GitHub repositories via Subversion? Thus, you could also use the develop branch at Github to get the lastest (albeit less stable) SeqAn version:

svn co seqan-trunk

SeqAn Tarball Users

You use the SeqAn library from a downloaded tarball or one of our applications? Nothing changes for you.

SeqAn Contributors

You are contributing to SeqAn or you want to? It's now much less hassle to do so! GitHub allows you to easily submit patches through pull requests which we can then review and merge.

More information on how we use Git and links to tutorials online can be found at in our How-To: Use Git.

tl;dr We are moving to Git. Don't worry if you are using tarball downloads or just read from our Subversion repository -- nothing changes for you.

Last Update 20. November 2013