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SeqAn is the foundation of many modern bioinformatics applications. Some of them are developed by the SeqAn team, mostly at Freie Universität Berlin. These are listed as Official Applications on the left. The downloads for most official apps, including some older (not listed) ones, can be found at the central SeqAn package repository.

A selection of other applications based on SeqAn is listed as Third-Party Applications on the left. Among them are apps developed by Steven Salzbergs team, PacBio, the Max-Planck-Institute for molecular Genetics, the Charite university hospital and other international groups.

The permissive open source BSD-license of the library enables you to integrate SeqAn into your applications with proper attribution being the only legal requirement. But, please also cite our most recent SeqAn publication when you use SeqAn in your academic work.